DIE HÄLFTE DES HIMMELS [The Unknown Housewife, 2009]
They are everywhere! If on eye level, on the ground or elevated, with burning eternal flames and floral wreaths – dried or even artificial; carved in stone, built as a monument or cast in bronze; they try to attract attention. They loom from the past with their rectangular shapes, often blessed with a cross, dedicated to the Unknown or labelled with the names and deeds of some hero.
But what actually makes a hero? That he acquiesced to kill innocents and other heroes for his country, only to meet his own end?
We honour and praise far too little those who stand up for peace in the world, beginning in their own little universe.

Performance with site-specific installation as part of the Electrofringe Festival, 4th of October 2009, Newcastle (N.S.W.)


Camera: Adam Sébire
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